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Jan 26, 2017

VI300 cable

Is it possible to shorten the speaker wire on the VI300? I ordered the Bose floor stands and am moving into a new place and only need about 5-8ft of wire. I understand it's not advisable to cut the wire, but is it possible?? Are there 2 (red/black) wires the entire length? Thanks for any help. @Jason_G @Brent_B
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May 16, 2016

Re: VI300 cable

Hey Kirkobangz, 


We actually made adapters to be used with a custom length of bare wire in just such an occasion. I'd recommend giving a call to your local support group HERE to see if they can order them for you. You'll need the "AC2 adapters", to connect to your speakers, and the "2-pin to bare-wire adapter cables", which will connect to the bricks. You can connect the two with bare speaker wire at a length that suits your needs. 



Thank you