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Sep 20, 2018

Wave® SoundTouch® IV vs Bose Home Speaker 500

Anyone have thoughts on if the wave is worth the extra $200?


Apart from the cd player / am/fm radio any other upsides?


Which has the better sound quality / app connect?

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Aug 31, 2017

Re: Wave® SoundTouch® IV vs Bose Home Speaker 500

I don't have either of the speakers you asked about, but I do have a few different other speakers from the Soundtouch (ST) line.  The homespeaker will use a newly developed app, which will NOT share the broadcasting capabilities with any speakers in the ST line.  I don't believe the homespeaker is actually available yet, at least in the U.S., so you may have to wait longer to find any comparison about their sound quality and the apps.


I personally don't see the radio and CD player as advantages worth $200 on the ST Wave.  It's worth mentioning that you cannot rebroadcast audio played from a Wave CD player to other speakers in your ST network.  But, if you connected a portable CD player to a ST 10/20/30 via AUX or BT instead, that audio can rebroadcast.  The one feature set that I believe you do get with a Wave that is left out of every other ST speaker, and also not included in the newest homespeaker/soundbars, is an integrated sleep timer and alarm.  Bose clearly does not consider these to be important (despite years of people requesting them on their forums), so if you want them, get the Wave, find a workaround, or go with another brand.


This seems obvious to me, but the visual style of the two speakers you asked about is completely different, so that might help with your decision.  Would you want to use Alexa with your speaker?  The new smart speakers have microphones built in for Alexa, the ST speakers don't, but can be connected with a Dot, Echo, etc.  Are you planning on purchasing just one or multiple speakers, and do you care about multi-room capabilities?  Currently, the ST line has a lot more speaker options, amplifiers, and the wireless link, but things may change in the future.



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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Wave® SoundTouch® IV vs Bose Home Speaker 500

Hello camelteaux,


Thank you for the question and welcome to the community.


Besides the things you have already mentioned, there will be some sound differences between the two systems. I can say the best experience you will have in deciding on either, is to go to a local store and give a listen to both of them. 


If you have any other questions, please let us know.



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