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Sep 8, 2017

Wave SoundTouch series IV, playing CD's on Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Speaker

All I want to do is listen to CD's played on My Bose Wave SoundTouch series IV, outside on my patio, using a Bose Wireless Speaker.   Simple right?  "Impossible", I was told.  Certainly. I do not want to connect the two with speaker wire.  I even purchased a SoundTouch Wireless Link.  That appears to be money down the toilet.  BOSE, say it ain't so!!  Surely there is a way to listen to CD's on a wireless speaker using ONLY Bose equipment!!  If anyone can help me, I would really be thankful.  I feel as though I have spent a lot of money, all for a wild goose chase. 


 I also have a Bose Wave Mod.# AWRC1G, if that might work with a wireless speaker.  In fact, that Bose worked well with an AR wireless speaker system, but silly me...I wanted to upgrade the quality with all Bose stuff.


Please help me.