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Oct 18, 2018

What's your system? Just want to share...

Our Bose Home TheaterOur Bose Home TheaterI just throught I would start a conversation for others to share what system you have built around Bose. Please share any struggles you have had and what it took to fix them.  We have a full 4K 100" DLP projected home theater integrated with a complete Bose 300 system.  It's INCREDIBLE!!!  Our projector does not support HDMI/ARC so we used HDMI direct on the 300 soundbar and placed a 4K, high res audio, HDMI splitter on the output of a Roku Ultra, then fed the projector and Bose system with the HDMI signals they needed.  Absolutely wonderful unrestricted sound for the Bose and unrestricted video for the projector.  We could not be any happier.  The 300's wireless integration has been flawless and the entire system is so easy to use.  Unbelivebale sound with high resolution audio streams and 4K movies with the surround, well... you should be able to smell the popcorn just reading this.  GREAT job Bose!  So to those reading... what's your sytem, let's share, feel free to brag, this is the place for it.  🙂

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Sep 18, 2018

Re: What's your system? Just want to share...

We have the ST 300 and AM 300 installed in our bedroom what used to house a full fledged 5.1 satellite system.We renovated the bedroom and decided to keep it neat and clutter free with premium sound. After a long search and contemplation we decided on the Bose and havent been happier. We have a 43inch LG 4k TV connected to the ST300 and an Nvidia Shield TV is on the way to stream DTS and HD content from my Wd Mycloud NAS. The system rocks and its a pleasure everytime listening to it. Especially I feel the sound is more punchy and connection stable with the new update.