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Dec 29, 2016

Where are the new features in the New Version (14.80) ?



We can see in this topic :


...that the new version is available since 15/02/2017 and bring new features and bug corrections.

I was waiting for this version for : "Adjustments for surround speaker volume (for systems using Virtually Invisible® 300 speakers) and center channel volume are located in the speaker settings menu of the SoundTouch® app"


Problem1: this menu is not available (I've installed the application on my Windows Laptop, on my GSM and on my Tablet and the problem is the same on both of them). 

Problem2: the feature which allows to turn on / turn Off the acoustimass or the Virtual Invisible is no longer available (it appears some times but is not available all the time). It's a real problem because this feature is very usefull (when you want to watch TV without distrubing children for example). 


Could you please tell haw to solve these problems ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


Best Regards.