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Sep 9, 2016

Wifi problems

So my wifi stinks.  I hardware to Ethernet as much as I can using PLC devices such has RCA's hdp50. If I were to use this on my soundtouch 20 will it repeat my wifi signal to allow me to put my soundtouch 10 outside without any problems.  Currently my router is at the furthers point from my outdoor patio (second floor and opposite side of home).  I experience a lot of lag with changing song and volume when I'm outside with my st10.  If the st20 will not repeat my wifi signal how can I solve this problem without spending $200 on a new router??  
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Sep 11, 2014

Re: Wifi problems

Hi Johnc14,
There is no function by which one of your SoundTouch products could be used as a Wi-Fi repeater to extend your network coverage. Without a new router or other wi-fi extender hardware it may not be possible to improve reception and reduce control latency on the SoundTouch 10 outside the house. 
Thank you for your question.