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Oct 27, 2015

Will a USB attached to WiFi modem work as a NAS?

Hi There, 


I have some music on my USB drive, there is a USB slot on the modem, I was wondeirng if this USB could act as NAS, the Sound Touch app does not recognize this USB (though its on the same network) as a NAS. 


Q1. Will the Sound Touch app be able to recognize this USB and play music from it?

Q2. Alternatlively, if I attach a hard drive (WD 500GB) to the modem/router, will the Sound Tocuh app recognize that as a NAS and play music from the hard drive? 



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Sep 25, 2014

Re: Will a USB attached to WiFi modem work as a NAS?

Hi Kian,


This would entirely depend on the router's NAS capabilities. We have seen some work in the past, but some will not. The router would need to have a DLNA service to serve the music to the SoundTouch system. I would recommend taking a look at the owners manual for the router to see what is required for this to work, there may be some settings in the router which need to be turned on. As soon as this has been done, you can add the NAS drive into the SoundTouch application by choosing "Add Service">Music Library on NAS within the SoundTouch application.


In terms of the hard drive being supported, this would depend on the router as well. Most routers with NAS capabilities have a limit on how large the drive can be. I would recommend checking with the manufacturer of the router to see what this limit is and whether or not the router can support that large of a hard drive.