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Mar 8, 2017

Windows SoundTouch App not touch screen friendly

I've been using the SoundTouch app on a Microsoft Surface tablet for several months now. I have a few suggestions that would make it less frustrating to use:

- Increase the scroll bar size. I'm constantly clicking and dragging songs instead of the scroll bar because it's so skinny.

- Enable scrolling the entire screen by clicking anywhere in the screen as most tablet friendly programs do.

- Improve UI design especially for Spotify. It's just too crowded with skinny scroll bars everywhere! It's so frustrating to use!

- Have a button to minimize the left hand side menu. 95% of the time I don't use it, only when I initially open the app to choose the service I want. It's a massive waste of space and if you could minimize it the UI would feel less crowded.

Please consider this for us Windows tablet users. Thank you.


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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Windows SoundTouch App not touch screen friendly

Hi seage81, 


Thanks for the post!  I'll take your recommendations and send them up to the software development team.


Best Regards,


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Nov 1, 2015

Re: Windows SoundTouch App not touch screen friendly

Forget it, Bose will not bother doing anything about it, I brought up these exact same problems trying to use this crummy app on a Surface Pro 4 months ago and nothing has been done. The whole app is a total disaster compared to the previous version which I bought and paid for as part of my ST hardware purchase but can no longer use as Bose forced all of us to use this abomination they call new and improved...

If anyone can tell me where and how it's improved I would love to hear...

In the meantime Bose continues to ignore customer pleas and demands and will eventually become extinct...