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Sep 10, 2016

bose soundtouch 10 bluetooth re-broadcast problems

This week I have bought 2 bose sound touch 10 in order to start my multi-room sound system, 
they are working fine when using the service or online radio,,,,, 
but when i connect thru bluetooth  and stream youtube or amazon book to one of them and add the another to the group they work fine for few mins  and then the another speaker - Starts to lose the sound, sound come and then go for 20.... seconds. 

can any body help why or what is the problem?

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Sep 11, 2014

Re: bose soundtouch 10 bluetooth re-broadcast problems

HI Akad,
Using the grouping features (also known as "play everywhere") requires substantially more bandwidth than normal playback, especially with Bluetooth rebroadcasting. It is possible that the Wi-Fi signal strength to one or both of the speakers is strong enough to support solo playback but is weak enough to struggle when this feature is activated.
To check on this, investigate what RSSI value your speakers are reporting using the steps listed in this article: (https://www.soundtouch.com/KnowledgeCenterView#!/feedtype=SINGLE_ARTICLE_DETAIL&id=kA140000000GvB2CA...)
We recommend a "Good" or "great" RSSI rating for all speakers involved in grouped playback. Be sure to also start with Bluetooth connected to the SoundTouch product which has the better RSSI rating as this will improve stability.
Hope this helps!