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Oct 21, 2017

can I connect a Bose Sound touch30 to my tv ?

Can I connect my Sound Touch 30 series 3 to a samsung TV?
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Sep 25, 2014

Re: can I connect a Bose Sound touch30 to my tv ?

Hi sull1,


Although the SoundTouch 30 was not designed to be used with a TV, it is certainly possible under certain circumstances. There would be two ways of accomplishing this, via AUX and via Bluetooth.


For a connection via an AUX cable, you would simply need to connect a 3.5mm male to male cable from the back of the SoundTouch 30 to the TV's headphone jack. If your TV does not have a headphone jack, you may have other audio output ports which can be used. If your TV features an RCA output jack, simply connect a y-cable from the TV to the SoundTouch 30. If your TV only has a digital audio output such as an optical port, you would need a digital to analog converter to accomplish this. Having said that there may be a delay between the audio and video by doing so. The SoundTouch 30 does natively have a delay on the AUX port. You may work around this if your TV has a setting which can delay the video to sync with the SoundTouch 30.


If your TV supports Bluetooth, you can connect the SoundTouch 30 III to the TV using this method. Most TV's do not have Bluetooth output capabilities, but there are some on the market which do. I would refer to the owners manual of the TV to see if this would be possible.


Let us know if this helps answer your question! Thanks!