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Dec 1, 2018

sound touch 300 with EQ

How can an equalizer  be incoopreted  or connected with the sound touch 300 sound Bar   with Bose Bass Module  700    for a crispy sound . Can Bose T8S or T4S be   use to improve  the audio  sound quality . Is there any Bose  product that   can be connected   /  APPs  with EQ .

Any idea to offers me  studio-quality EQ, dynamics  range and effects. with my Soundtouch 300 sound Bar  &  Bose Bass Module  700 



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Mar 15, 2018

Re: sound touch 300 with EQ

Hi sibman,


Thanks for writing in!


The Bose soundbars were designed to be a plug and play type of system.  There are basic bass controls through the Bose remote control.  The T8S and T4S are digital mixers that were intended for use with our pro portable products and will not work with the soundbars as those utilize optical and HDMI ports.  There is a good amount of digital signal processing going on in these systems as well, so trying to tweak the audio could actually produce undesirable effects as well.  


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support