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Jan 4, 2016

soundtouch 120 to Tv

Hi Guys,
my soundtouch 120 is not working on my tv Philips 7000 series. can you guys give me advice.
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Jul 14, 2015

Re: soundtouch 120 to Tv

Hi fel,
I am sorry to hear the system is not working correctly and would like to help. One step we would recommend is resetting the system by trying the following.
Turn the system off
Unplug the control console from the power outlet
Unplug the speaker output from the control console
Wait 30 seconds
Reconnect the speaker output to the control console
Reconnect the control console power cord
Then test the system.
If that does not help please try a different HDMI cable and a different HDMI port on the TV along with unplugging the TV for 1 minute to reset the processor in the TV as well. If these steps do not help please contact our technical support group to provide additional assistance at 800-367-4008 the hours are Mon-Fri 9:00AM-9:00PM.
Best regards