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Aug 17, 2016

system turning its self on at random times

Hi all 
I have a sound wave (new) and a sound touch 10 (also new) as iv recently updated from my old sound wave, which iv been more than happy with both so far, However over the last few days iv been woken up to both systems playing music when its say 4am. or ill come home from work and one of them will be on when the house is empty.
i tried turning of my iPhone bluetooth and wifi and the device just keep playing from Spotify  to which i can not explain.
i have a mac book pro thats connected to sound touch only via wifi / bluetooth but i checked it and it was total switched off.
if anyone has had this issue before and could help i would be very grateful.
Many Thanks 
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Jul 14, 2015

Re: system turning its self on at random times

Thanks for reaching out to us about the issue you are having with your home speaker turning on using Spotify Connect. That is a function within Spotify Connect and it can turn on your home system even if your device is not on thes same wifi network at the time. There is a way to stop that from happening. Within Spotify Connect before you stop playing music at home:
1. As a song is playing, tap the Now Playing bar.
2. At the bottom of the screen Tap DEVICES AVAILABLE. 
3. In the list, tap the device you want to play to next time you start up. This device at the top is recommended if you do not want the speaker at home switching on. 
The Connect icon and the name of the device will show as green in the Now Playing bar. I would recommend selecting this device to make sure its just playing form the phone and not automatically turning on the speaker at home.
I included a link below to Spotify for detailed instructions with screen shots:
Click here

This should help with the speaker switching on.