01/15 Update: TuneIn/internet Radio Information

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Re: 11/20 Update: TuneIn/internet radio information

I am in Alberta, Canada and My 3 Stations which were in Vtuner to play preset on Bose Soundtouch are not working yet.  I spoke to your agent Joseph and gave my station names. He said he will get back to me.

Anyways below are the station names and its URL:


http://listen.radionomy.com/4loboskonkaniradiostation        -   4Lobos Konkani Radio Station

http://listen.radionomy.com/4lobospop-oldiesradiostation    -   4Lobos Pop & Oldies Radio Station

http://listen.radionomy.com/4lobosbollywoodradio               -   4Lobos Bollywood Radio


Would appreciate if you could add these to Tunein as it was on your Vtuner so I can preset my station and listen to them.

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Re: 11/27 Update: TuneIn/internet radio information

My experience with Bose in New Zealand is the same as markathome, specifically:

  • No Internet radio for the stations I listen to
  • No reply to my email or online support request
  • No one to contact locally


Very disappointing.

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Re: 11/20 Update: TuneIn/internet radio information

@rickatk wrote:

>Sound is nearly as good as my Bose


That is the problem with Sonos...


But Sonos works as advertised, and with no reduction in service or functionallity with each subequent donwgrade...

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Re: 11/28 Update: TuneIn/internet Radio Information

Thank you for posting.

You acknowledged a number of issues in the post that have been raised, however I have not seen anything in your responses about advertisements inserted into an audio stream that were never previously present. Please can you confirm that these will be eliminated as well.



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Re: 11/20 Update: TuneIn/internet radio information

Screw Bose and their updates!!


I buy a product, its supposed to do certain things. Then Bose decides to change how it works whenever thery choose.  If they on the other had offered the product "OWNNER" the choice fine. In other words, keep the old version of internet radio, previw the new service. Update when if you like. But no! They freaking force it down my throat!! We have friends over, I go to turn on the sound system and it won't work. No, I have to update first. Plus none of the preset stations will work either.  You'd think I cooud update later when its convienientn for me to update. Since I own the **bleep** product iots the least you'd think. But no... Bose does what they want when they want and secw the customer! I just told our dinner guests never buy Bose.


The new internet radio, an inferior service they shove down our throats to make more money from by tracking our listening habits and geting a split of any revenue earned by the stations based on that. 


And its also likely the **bleep** techies who design these awful abusive changes trying to look like they are doing something to keep their jobs. If the product was ever finished they would be out of a job.  So it's a make-work project at our expense, 


Even the language is a lie. Launch the app and it says an update is available.  What a load of crap!! You can't operate the app unless you upadate it! You can't use the product you p[aid for until you do what they say. 


Once apon a time, you had a choice to update your product when you wanted to, based on the new softeare being an improvement.  Now Bose just shovels its crap down our throats. 


Scew Bose one thousand times for this continued abuse. If I had not already purchased thousands of dollars worth of the products I would not be a Bose user. If I could take it back I would. Today starting over I would not buy Bose.   If I find a way of hackingt the equipment so I can avoid their invasive app, I will.


The situation sucks and I'm fed up!! 

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Re: 11/20 Update: TuneIn/internet radio information

I agree, I am thinking of selling mine on ebay and replacing with sonos. I have previously requested updates on the app to make it more functionaly freindly like the UE and somos products but all i get is an update rendering home home sound system useless!

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Re: 11/27 Update: TuneIn/internet radio information

WXRT 93.1 fm radio Chicago
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Re: 11/28 Update: TuneIn/internet Radio Information

Tune In is probably kicking back some advertising $$ to Bose.... It has nothing to do with which solution is better.

I assume this is the reason for TuneIn being installed on most streaming devices
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Re: 11/28 Update: TuneIn/internet Radio Information

TuneIn takes free online streaming, restream them through its platform while inserting its own ads and collect advertisement $$.

What's wrong with this picture?
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Re: 11/28 Update: TuneIn/internet Radio Information

And how do they justify their cut? 


Read the updated user agreement we are all subject to. 


Her is a snippet that essentially states they monitor what hardware you have /use, what media you listen to and when. So they can determine based on average user data what type of music is most popular, how many listeners to establish impressions per 1,000, ad rates. 


But what's worse is the crapy stations now offered. Tunein makes me want to tune out! A whole slew of commercial stations. Gone are the cool niche staions offering uninterrupted unique music.


Snippet from current user agreement: " Big Brother is here" Who knew when you picked up your Bose equipment a few years ago this is what you were signing up for. Just took the time to get the back end server tech. sorted and enough folks on high speed. This was on the roadmap I expect for years. 

Connected Bose products. If you connect your Bose product (such as headphones or speakers) to the Internet or to a Bose software or application, we may automatically receive information from the Bose product about how you use the product. Such information includes:
• Technical data, such as your product serial number or model number, device operating system version, MAC address(es), Wi-Fi® signal strength, firmware version, IP address, SSIDs, log files, durations, service tokens, Internet connection type and provider, and unique identifiers associated with the computer, tablet, or mobile device used in connection with the Bose product
Usage data, such as time spent using different features/settings of the product, the day and time you used the product, button presses, the media and other external sources to which you connect your product, and, as applicable, your product's power spectrum, sound pressure level, volume levels, and streaming information (including content stored on system presets, stations played, playlists, artists, albums, songs, or podcasts), time zone, and transactional data enabling digital rights management (e.g. for music content providers to give appropriate credit to artists depending on how often their content is played)
• Service "tokens" containing authentication information that enables delivery of third-party content to your Bose product (e.g. to sync your connected products to your Spotify account each time you use them)
• Diagnostic data, such as battery life, the quality of the wireless connection and error logs); and
• Environmental data (e.g. noise level and audio frequencies).