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Nov 12, 2015

Re: 01/15 Update: TuneIn/internet Radio Information

@davids11 wrote:

Please get TuneIn to add "Dinner Jazz Excursion" internet radio station to their lineup. That was our number one favorite from vTuner on both of our Bose Wave Radios. TuneIn still does not carry Dinner Jazz Excursion.


Have you tried doing a custom URL? This has nothing to do with TuneIn or any aggregator for that matter. Often the custom URL stream are better. The easiest way to find the URL for Dinner Jazz Excursion is to contact the station directly. 


You can also try this: 



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Aug 15, 2019

Re: 01/15 Update: TuneIn/internet Radio Information

In Australia, just updated SoundTouch 20 & 300, now can NOT get any radio stations to load through TuneIn. All I get are error messages.


Trying to load the following local Sydney stations;

KIIS FM 106.5


2DAYFM 104.1


Could someone please tell me how to sort this out as we now have speakers that we can’t play our favourite radio stations!!!


Bloody expensive boxes to have sitting around & can’t be played as what we bought them for!




Re: 01/15 Update: TuneIn/internet Radio Information

Hello markstaylor72,


TuneIn is currently having issues with their service worldwide, and this issue is currently affecting everybody. TuneIn is working to get this resolved and you can check the progress here.


We also have a community post with information regarding this which can be viewed here.


Thank you for your patience.


Kind regards, 


Jeff G - Community Support

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Nov 30, 2018

Re: 01/15 Update: TuneIn/internet Radio Information

A Bose update equals misery: Service is not available ... can't find find the speaker ... preset radiostations are gone ... etc.   It seems that we have to reinstall erverything.