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Jan 5, 2020

123456 Number pad and remote switch are useless

Because SoundTouch app is lame.


When I bought SoundTouch 20, I expected each number pad could define each playlist in Tidal and Free Spotify so I don't have to look into phone. I thought so because Bose is big name.


However, I am listening to Tidal using another helping app, Netflix & YouTube via Bluetooth, and Free Spotify by Spotify app.


SoundTouch app is just for connecting and setting for the first time, practically.

Tune-in? If I needed a radio, I would use radio app on phone instead of buying a speaker.

There is nothing to play through SoundTouch app.


So number pad and remote controller are useless, you should've removed number pad and cut the price.


Otherwise, SoundTouch app should support Tidal and more streamings like its competitors.