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Oct 2, 2019

AIRPLAY2 FINALLY on soundtouch! Than you bose!

Of course this is joke. Bose! Can you give me a clear answer when it will be implemented?

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Sep 11, 2018

Re: AIRPLAY2 FINALLY on soundtouch! Than you bose!

You will not get a real answer from Bose. They've been stringing SoundTouch customers along for 2 years. My crystal ball says Bose will make an annoucement they cannot update SoundTouch with Airplay 2 and Apple Music. Reason: the hardware (ram, processor) they put in the SoundTouch line is not capable of handling AirPlay 2 (nevermind adding a new streaming service like Apple Music).


I firmly believe that Bose is sitting in their headquarters, ROFL at all the SoundTouch customers for being stupid enough to think Bose would actually deliver on their promise. Love the hardware, hate the garbage software.