Airplay 2 Integration

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Re: Airplay 2 Integration

Airplay 2 complicated?  Several speaker and TV companies have already done it.  Including Bose.

Seems this is a matter of priorities. 

Fancy new speaker line that represents a new, growable revenue stream for Bose?  Airplay 2 miraculously appears on it, as if by magic.

Old product line that represents a dwindling revenue stream and lots of customers who have already given Bose their money, even though Bose promised Airplay 2 for this product line before the new speaker line was even announced, has had literally years to deliver on that promise and has sold tons of speakers based on that promise?  For us, the silent treatment, minimal communication, and the inability or unwillingness to tell us when Airplay 2 is coming except the very vaguge "sometime in 2019", the likelihood of which seems to diminish with each passing day.

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Re: Airplay 2 Integration

For anyone interested on music and Airplay on Bose there is a workaround. If you have an amazon account and also use Alexa you can make apple music as your default music service and the using the Bose Skill you can ask Alexa to play the music on an specific speaker or even all sound touch speakers. Is no the best but it works pretty well and using your voice as command is very cool also.


BTW: If you do not have Echo devices, you can dowload the alexa app on your phone and is free



Its just as I said an option,,,




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Re: Airplay 2 Integration

Seriously, I see “May 29th SoundTouch update” and my heart starts beating faster thinking the day has come. 


But no, this is another lame update that fixes stuff that probably affects 1-3% of SoundTouch users. AirPlay 2? Noooooope. No luck. No dice. No cigar. 


Bose, seriously, get your heads out from where the sun don’t shine and GIVE US WHAT YOU PROMISED A LONG TIME AGO. 


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Hi Plasmanut, 


Thanks for your post and patience regarding this. 


I understand your frustration regarding this and can only apologize for the delay. We would like to assure you that we are working on getting Airplay 2 implemented with our SoundTouch products and will update the community as soon as we know more about Airplay 2 for SoundTouch products. 


Kind Regards, 

Hector B 

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Re: Airplay 2 Integration

More lies and disappointments from Bose.
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Re: Airplay 2 Integration

And today was the day, i have finally switched to Sonos! and yet i am blown with everything, sound quality, integrations and top of the line iOS app.

Few hours with Sonos beam made me realize how long i have wasted with Bose, suffering from poor crappy iOS app and lack of clarity with Aiplay 2.


Bose: you know about audio and sound quality but software is not your game, you worth nothing down there. Have fun with your drowning journey and some years from now you'll just wonder what went wrong and regret about missed opportunities.

Ciao and i would never use your products again.

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Re: Airplay 2 Integration

Would love to get an update from Bose on this as well. Initial announcement of Airplay2 compatability was motnhs ago...where are the details?