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Sep 3, 2018

Airplay with Airport Express

Hi all, 


Awaiting an Apple Music support from Bose, either with AirPlay nor with Apple Music integration inside Bose app, I’ve lost patience and get an Airport express, connected with mini-Jack to one of my SoundTouch speakers (AUX), so I can stream my music on others speakers by adding them inside Bose app. 

I’ve read that many users did so and I think this thread could help guiding on the best way when choosing this solution, by gathering all informations about how to do it.  

To me it’s not clear if one Airport is enough or maybe it’s better to use as many as speakers. Maybe there will be latency if doing so ? The advantage could also being able to stream different songs in different rooms using different Apple devices. It’s not a need to me yet.

Also, what’s the best about settings ? I mean what Volume should I set my Airplay (Airport Express) to get best results in quality ?


And, using a mini-Jack rather than direct Airplay doesn’t affect sound quality ? 


Many thanks for your answers and other tricks about helping making possible what Bose should have give us for long time...