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Feb 18, 2020

Alexa control options for presets on SoundTouch 30

I am unable to get my Alexa to control any presents on my SoundTouch 30 can someone please explain what skill sets are needed to be enabled and exactly how the commands are instructed as I’m slowly losing the will to live? Thank you.


Re: Alexa control options for presets on SoundTouch 30

Hi stsxt05,


Welcome to the community, I would be happy to help get Alexa control up and running on your SoundTouch 30.


Depending on your region there are 2 skills for Alexa that you can use to control your SoundTouch speaker.


The first, that is most widely available, is the Bose skill. The instructions for setting this up and using the skill are all available at that link.


The second, that will allow you to control presets on your speaker, is the Bose SoundTouch Control skill. Again, the instructions to set this up and use the skill are available at the link.


Let me know if you need any help getting these up and running.

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