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Mar 30, 2016

Apple hi-res audio released - settings iOS Music

@Moderator, can you confirm for amplifier ST SA-5


-Activate Losless Audio

-Streaming WiFi: Lossless - select: ALAC 24-b-t/48kHz


User selects playlist in Apple Music:

-> User will listen to CD quality when streaming (WiFi downsampling (Airplay 2) to 16 bit/44,1 kHz


Is this reasoning correct?

Can you provide and/or confirm same behaviour for Soundtouch 10/20/30?


Brgds, Silla

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Nov 12, 2015

Re: Apple hi-res audio released - settings iOS Music

@Silla where are you finding the setting for music on the SA-5 amps.


I don’t believe SoundTouch speakers downgrade ALAC Lossless files


I have played 256AAC, 320Kbps MP3 files and Find them to be very clear and good sounding. I now have played ALAC 24/48 Lossless files and they sound very good as well. 


The file sizes are eye popping: 

ALAC 256AAC files are 6MB

ALAC 24/48 files are 36MB(yikes)


I haven’t commented on ALAC 24/192 files (145MB) as I don't have the hardware requirements.


I like the fact you can stream Apple Music files at higher rates with out filling up your local drives. I certainly won’t  be streaming or downloading the bigger files on my iPhone via my data plan. Besides my Bose SoundSport wireless ear pods wont handle ALAC files over BlueTooth.


*** Perhaps the Bose moderators can confirm what the SoundTouch and Bose Music app gear is capable of  respecting Apple lossless files.

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Nov 12, 2015

Re: Apple hi-res audio

To sum up:


Apple now streams at three different music resolutions. Apple Music players like iPhone, iPad and iMac music settings cans be set to stream or download at these resolutions.


AAC 256kbps

Lossless 24-bit/48kHz (big file)

Hi-Res lossless ALAC 24bit - 192kHz (BIG FILE) Requires extra DAC hardware.


Lossless is not available on Apple Music Radio but Apple built playlists or your personal playlists utilizing downloaded songs can be streamed in Lossless. 


In the Apple devices you can choose how you want to stream your music or download your music. 


You can adjust the music settings in Settings>Music>Audio Quality


On the Bose end, nothing is required. Most Bose speakers can play ALAC Lossless files. I am pleased with the sound quality. As with other sequentially higher music formats I find the music to be clearer and good sounding especially on the high end.


Thanks to Bose for bringing Airplay 2 to SoundTouch and Smart Home speakers. I enjoy playing Apple Music songs using Airplay on my Apple and Bose gear.


Update: Apple Radio does stream in Apple Lossless and higher.