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Dec 6, 2020

Are there any Soundbar's compatible with Soundtouch 10 speakers?

I'm looking for a Soundbar for one of my TV's, but would like it to be compatible with my Soundtouch 10 speakers and the app.  Does anyone know if Bose has a soundbar that does this and which one is it?  Thank you 


Re: Are there any Soundbar's compatible with Soundtouch 10 speakers?



Thanks for reaching out. 


We have the SoundTouch 300 Soundbar which is compatible for grouped multi-room audio in the SoundTouch app. Do note, we no longer manufacture this speaker so you will need to look via a third party in order to purchase. 


You can pair a single SoundTouch 10 to our Smart Home Soundbars, including the Soundbar 700, Soundbar 500 and Smart Soundbar 300. However, the SimpleSync feature as stated can only connect one SoundTouch 10 and this is done via a Bluetooth connection opposed to WiFi therefore this may not suit your needs. 


If you have any further questions, do let us know. 

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