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Mar 26, 2020

BOSE Soundbar Alexa Echo

I am looking for help connecting my Alexa Echo to my soundbar. I stream from my phone ok but not the Alexa device. I am trying to download the update to see if that will help. Any other suggestions? Is the light supposed to be blinking white or blue when searching? Right now it is green and solid white. When I hit the bluetooth button on the remote it flashes blue. 


Re: BOSE Soundbar Alexa Echo

Hey Lisa,


It's great to hear you're looking to expand your home system. First of all, what Bose soundbar do you have?


If your soundbar is looking for devices to connect to, it will possibly be blinking blue or white.I'll be able to advise further once I know the system you have.


As far as what you've tried, looking for updates is a great start and will be a great help to ensure everything is up to date. 

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