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Nov 20, 2020

Bass not working at all on SoundTouch 30

Suddenly I observed that the bass of my SoundTouch 30 is not there at all ... how do I verify this, as in the diagnostic values in “SoundTouch controller info “ it’s coming as not connected 


but the SoundTouch with other speaker on the system is working except woofer and bass 


I tried with bass reduction values but to no avail


SoundTouch 30


Firmware updated

app updated




Re: Bass not working at all on SoundTouch 30

Hey Dewansan,


I'm sorry to hear you're noticing an issue with the quality of audio from your SoundTouch 30 system. When did you notice the reduced bass, and have you tried playing music from various sources to compare how they sound?


Also, are you saying you have another SoundTouch speaker that's working perfectly fine?

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