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Nov 20, 2020

Bose 300 Soundbar Amber Blinking Lights


Bose product name

Soundtouch 300





Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce

I have a Soundtouch 300 soundbar... for many months I only see alternating blinking amber lights on the WiFi and Soundtouch icons. I am able to hear sound through connection with my Samsung TV (HDMI ARC) but the app (installed on my IPhone) cannot find a connection to complete a WiFi setup. I can't update the firmware (if that's necessary) without any connection. 


I have tried to press the soundtouch button and then 9, the soundtouch button and then CC, the soundtouch button and the square tv with lines on it button... nothing works. I have the same soundbar on a different TV in the house that works fine. 


I have tried a USB connection through the computer but it doesn't find the speaker. Looking for the WiFi connection on the app while near this problem speaker doesn't pull up the Bose option, but while near the other speaker it's fine. 


If I unplug the speaker and plug it back in the amber blinking lights stop flashing and are just both static amber for a few minutes, until they go back to alternatively flashing. 


Please advise!


What environment do you experience the issue in?

basement, but close to a booster pod... all other connections (phone, computer) to the wifi are fine in the same spot. 






Re: Bose 300 Soundbar Amber Blinking Lights

Hey there, 


Thank you so much for reaching out to us at the Bose Community. 


Regarding your LED behavior, the wifi indicator and the SoundTouch indicator usually mean that the system has been updated via USB but the USB cable was not disconnected upon completion. Therefore I would recommend making sure that you have nothing connected to the back of the system. 


Let me know how you get on!  

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