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Jul 1, 2020

Bose Bass Module 700 Not Working??

Bose Bass Module 700 Not Working after just one year.


Come on BOSE, we've paid so much so this bass module 700, almost a THOUSAND dollars for this. It's just over the one year mark and it is out of warranty, no status light, wired, wireless, nothing is working. Now you're telling me I have to pay above minimum $125 to get it fixed. This is a bass module which would not be physically moving around and just over the 1 year mark and I'm supposed to pay so much to fix a "diode" problem you told me? The diode cost less than 5 bucks for you and you're https://showbox.bio/ https://tutuapp.uno/ https://vidmate.cool/  charging me an absurd price and labeling it "labor cost"? I'm sure it takes your staff a mere 10 minutes to get it fixed as this is a known issue where many customers are experiencing the same as seen from this forum. 


BTW, I am physically bringing the bass module down to your service center, I have to incur my own time cost, transport cost and labor cost and still pay almost $200 (including all my own costs) to fix something which isn't CHEAP at all, for just some light usage of about 1 year.


I don't care if you have expenses to cover to be charging a bomb to fix 1 diode, all I care about is I am paying a thousand dollas for a bass module only to know it will be broken and would cost another $200 to get it fixed after just 1 year.  This has to be known to everyone, because the Base Module 700 effective cost price would be $1,200 for the 1st year, $1,400 for the 2nd year and so on and so forth. 


What's worse is this bass module could only be paired with LIMITED specific BOSE products, coudl you imagine if I have diode issue with my BOSE soundbar as well!?


Bottom line, if I am paying peanuts for my devices, I have the option to get replaced easily or pay for the ridiculous repair. HOWEVER, I am paying MUCH higher than MOST products in the market HOPING for quality as well as a LASTING device. YET, this is the kind of aftermarket services from big brand BOSE.


I am really expecting QUALITY components that would LAST or AT LEAST online warranty that covers those cheap components for minimum 3-5 years. How am I gonna tell my friends that BOSE is great with such experiences above? It's really a shame. I am really very upset about paying that much for a cheap diode that would very often breakdown. 

Waiting for BOSE to get back to me and help me fix this issue.