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Oct 23, 2019

Bose Soundbar 700 (Sound Profiles)

I have the Soundbar 700 with the 2 surround 700 speakers and the woofer - Can we have a discussion about the sound profiles everyone uses?  I realize using AdaptIQ will help however I keep tinkering with the center channel, bass, treble and it's challenging to get it perfect ;(


I have the center channel set to 30 so I can hear more sound from the rear speakers, I have the bass on the sound bar set to 50 and the woofer set to 80, I love bass but I feel any higher for some songs it's overpowering.  I primarily stream music with Spotify so I would like to know the best way to ensure I am streaming songs that will take advantage of the 5.1 system?  Should I use another app for streaming music other than Spotify for better quality music ?


Also, depending on the music or song the same setting might not always be the most optimal, is there a way to set sound profile presets like most music apps have, jazz, pop, rock?


if I want smooth bass should I get a 2nd woofer?  I am just trying to have the absolute best music experience in this room but I feel I don't have enough understanding about how sound works to properly set the specific levels for the best results.  I know some people set treble to -50 and 0 for center channel, but that seems excessive lol, please advice and share your setting also so I can get some new perspectives 


Thank you so much for your help