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Oct 21, 2020

Bose Sounds Touch SA-5 wired wireless speaker

Good evening
I would like to know if the amplifier allows the connection of wired and wireless speakers at the same time and if the music plays on all speakers at same time in sync mode.



Re: Bose Sounds Touch SA-5 wired wireless speaker

Hey francesco64,


That's a great question! The SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier will output audio through connected passive speakers of your choice. The music you choose to play will be through the SoundTouch app, where you have the ability to link other SoundTouch systems to the SA-5.


Therefore to answer your question - yes. You can connect multiple SoundTouch compatible systems to the SoundTouch app through WiFi, and group these together to play the same music across all systems. Do you require any assistance getting this setup or are you curious about what systems are able to be used for SoundTouch expansion?

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