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Nov 12, 2015

Bose Wifi Services Echo System

While using a lot of the Bose offerings I find that the products are really great and sound great. However I find some glaring holes in the overall platform. I am of course referring to SoundTouch and Bose Music. Seems there are some missing pieces or generally incomplete implementations. For example Amazon music is sort of running on Bose products in Canada. There are pieces of the music service, but it is not complete. Logging into Apple Music service you can almost get to the end but are stopped being advised the service is not available. Airplay will be nice but I think what we really want is Apple Music and for that matter other full services like Amazon music fully up and running. Offering Spotify lite was nice but there really doesn't appear to be much effort there.


Other odd bits of incomplete implementation, the online manual doesn't load in the Bose Connect app.


These are but a few examples that take away from a really great experience and really great products. Bose managers would be wise to get some of this cleaned up as the short comings take away from an otherwise very good experience.