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Jan 10, 2020

Can I link sound touch 10 speaker to my bose sound link?

Hi all, so I have a sound touch 10 speaker and a soundlink speaker and want to connect them.. but I've used both their respective apps on my phone and I cant get them to connect/find each other...is this even possible ?

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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Can I link sound touch 10 speaker to my bose sound link?

No.  Depending on which soundlink you have you may be able to connect with selected other soundlink devices, but Soundlink and SOundTouch are for different uses and those uses determined how they connect.


SoundTouch connect to other devices for multi-room playback.  They connect by Wifi and they are really made with one per room in mind, but you can connect multiple throughout the home.


Soundlink was designed for portability and because they can connect to other (newer soundlink) speakers by BT there are limitations such as range and number of connections.  Because of the range they will generally only work for better coverage within one room.