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Jan 14, 2020

Can Soundtouch 10, Wave Soundtouch IV and Soundlink all 'pair' together?



This will probably be a no brainer question for the Bose geeks out there, but I really need a hand here.


I have 2 soundtouch 10s and 1 Wave Soundtouch IV all working beautifully throughout the house on my wifi.....it's awesome......till I go outside!


So, I want to take a speaker outside with me on the patio that plays exactly what im playing inside at the same time.  But the Soundlink and revolve are bluetooth not wifi....What do I do??


My patio is about 10 metres away from the Wave Soundtouch IV and further for the Soundtouch 10s.


If I operate everything from the Soundtouch app, will the Soundlink speaker appear there so it can be 'paired' with the other 2 Soundtouch 10s and Wave Soundtouch???


Looking for the easiest solution as I'm not a geek.  I kind of wanted a plug n play speaker like the Soundlink that will work easily with the others....Adviceeeeeeeeee!!!!


Re: Can Soundtouch 10, Wave Soundtouch IV and Soundlink all 'pair' together?

Hello Romelia007, 


Welcome to the community, thanks for reaching out. 


It is not possible to connect your SoundLink portable speakers to your SoundTouch products in a group as the SoundLink products are not compatible with the SoundTouch app. I apologize for any disappointment this causes. 


Something I could suggest is an AUX wired connection between the SoundLink Revolve and the SoundTouch Wave IV, however this may not be practical considering your 10m distancing. 


Please let us know if you have any further questions. 


Kind regards,

Tegan M - Community Support