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Nov 12, 2019

Can't add my iTunes library to Soundtouch app on Windows 10 PC

I have a Soundtouch 20 speaker in a bedroom and a Soundtouch 30 in the living room. Both have been successfully connected to my home wi-fi router and are on the same network as my PC.

I've successfully added a couple of services (Pandora, for example) and everything is working fine. But I cannot add my iTunes library. I've seen many other posts reporting this problem, going back at least three years. I've verified that my iTunes preferences are set to share the XML library file, and I've enabled sharing on my network with the option to share the entire library selected.  In the Windows Soundtouch app on my PC, I select the option to add my music library, then select the iTunes option. But when I try to access my library, I get a message saying "We couldn't find any tracks in your music library yet. Please try again later. (6302)".

From what I've seen in other reports of this issue, it appears that the Soundtouch app can only access an iTunes library if it's in the default folder location (C:/Users/[username]/Music/iTunes). But my PC has a small SSD drive as my C: drive, so I've put my iTunes library onto my 😧 drive, which is much larger. I could move the library to my C: drive, but that would only leave about 5 Gb free on the boot drive, which seems to be asking for trouble - the next round of Windows updates from Microsoft might fail because the download would fill the drive and run out of storage space.

Is there really no way for Soundtouch to access an iTunes library that's been moved from the default folder? Have I really blown hundreds of dollars on speakers that are supposed to be able to access my music library just to find out that the Soundtouch application is crippled in such a silly way?

What are my options here, Bose?