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Jul 1, 2019

Computer finds My Music Library - Tablets do not

I just added My Music Library to my computer and Soundtouch finds and plays the CD's perfectly.  Problem is, the Soundtouch application on my 2 tablets cannot find the library.  I get the 6304 Library Not Available.   I tried deleting and re-adding it again.  No luck.


Any suggestions?


Re: Computer finds My Music Library - Tablets do not

Hi Greg, 


Thanks for posting! 


I'm sorry to hear you've had issues accessing your music library on SoundTouch. 


To confirm, where is the library housed? Directly on the PC? If so, is the PC powered on when you try to access the library? 


What SoundTouch speakers are you using? 



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Sep 29, 2014

Re: Computer finds My Music Library - Tablets do not

Hi Greg, just a couple thoughts based on my dealings with Soundtouch since 2014. 

1. Are the PC, tablets, and ST speakers all on the same network? If not, you will not see the library on the device that’s not on the same network.


2. Did the PC shift into sleep mode? If it does, then the library housed on it may not show up.


good luck!