Custom URL Radio Streams


Custom URL Radio Streams

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Following a great suggestion from @rickatk we're setting up this thread as the place to suggest and request URLs for use with the 'Stream Custom Radio URL' feature.


If you have any sites that you have been using to find your URLs, or specific stations you would like help finding, post below and as a community we can find the best places to stream these stations from!



Here is a guide for finding the URL for your station to help as well.


1. Open your browser on your PC (we tested with Chrome).

2. Find a website where you can listen to the radio station, then play it.


URL Guide1.png


3. Press the F12 key on your keyboard.

4. Click in the left high "box" (where the code of the page is, this will make sure you search in the right part), then press Control + F on your keyboard. Look for "<audio>", "<audio id>" or an audio format such as "MP3" or "AAC" .


URL guide2.png














5. If you can find yellow underlined text via "<audio>" or "<audio id>", right-click on it, then click "edit to HTML".


URL guide 3.png
















If "<audio>" or "<audio id>" do not return a result, find a link that looks like one of the ones I provided above using the format search (MP3, AAC ...)


  1. Then, in both cases, find the link of the radio station (usually dark blue, starting with "http"), copy it and open it in another tab


URL guide4.png





7. Make sure it works by clicking Play. If so, enter this link in the SoundTouch app. If this is not the case, find another link by following the steps above again with another website.



Thanks in advance for helping us and each other collect the best places to stream your favourite stations.


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Re: Custom URL Radio Streams

Finally... good advice on how to use the Stream Custom Radio URL option !


Thank you!!


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Re: Custom URL Radio Streams

This is so incredibly helpful, fantastic! Thank you so much!

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Re: Custom URL Radio Streams

Thanks @Keith_L  for a detailed way to expose the streaming code.  I am sure many will find this helpful.


The built in custom stream URL tool in SoundTouch works really well and is easy to do. In my case I decided to use the tool the other day. My favourite smooth jazz station posts all their streams on their web site: I actually grabbed their latest 320k stream and added it to SoundTouch, replacing the lower bitrate stock Tunein URL. Then I created a preset by replacing the existing one I created for 


The URL feature is very easy and works well. I used to use this feature with iTunes in my early days of listening to internet radio. Sometime Shoutcast(Apple’s aggregator) didn’t offer a high bitrate version of smooth jazz.command a few other terrestrial comercial stations.


One method I use for identifying audio streams is to contact the station broadcaster directly. I always find them willing to offer up a particular stream URL.


Thanks to Bose for adding  such a feature.

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Re: Custom URL Radio Streams

These instructions worked great !!!

Thank you so very much for your support.

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Re: Custom URL Radio Streams

I plugged in a 320Kbps URL from Smooth recently. The URLs for the various bit rates were posted on their web site. All radio stations should do this. Streaming URLs shouldn’t be so hard to find. Certainly contacting the stations directly works too!


Inputting the URL into the Bose SoundTouch app and creating a preset couldn’t be easier. Nice to play a higher bit rate stream as well. Sounds great!

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Re: Custom URL Radio Streams

Found my favourit stations URL : 


Works fine next time TuneIn has a major problem I will play this url.