Does this mean AirPlay 2 is out?

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Does this mean AirPlay 2 is out?

Just noticed this post on the BoseMEA Facebook page - looks like Airplay 2 is "here"...   Although I am not seeing any updates in my apps yet... 🤔


Perhaps BoseMEA went a little too early with their announcement.




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Re: Does this mean AirPlay 2 is out?

Hey Bose Community,


Our sincere apologies for any miscommunication that has come as a result of our planned integration with Apple AirPlay 2. We assure you this is coming, and we know this has been long awaited for. We're actively testing this new feature right now, and will be releasing it as soon as it is ready. 


Our mission is to ensure that our customers are getting the best experience possible with our products. This means that we have to do extensive testing to get it right, making a release date uncertain. We know this can be frustrating, but we think you're all going to love Apple AirPlay 2. We can't wait for you to try it.


The community will be updated soon as to the status. Very soon.


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Re: Does this mean AirPlay 2 is out?

Hi, from the post it seems .. AirPlay 2 is going to support only bose smart family .. is it not supporting bose SoundTouch family ??

Re: Does this mean AirPlay 2 is out?

Hi Ramesh, 


Thank you for your question.


Currently we have no further information relating to the Airplay 2 functionality and we apologise for the miscommunication.


Once we have an update for you, we will place it as a sticky post within the community forums.


Have a great day.


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Re: Does this mean AirPlay 2 is out?

I am curious when you will have some information. Does any one at Bose have a clue as to what Bose is doing? 

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Re: Does this mean AirPlay 2 is out?

I know this isn’t an official website but is Bose not bringing Airplay 2 to the Soundtouch 300?

Seems very poor if it’s being left out as it would question if Soundtouch 500/700 owners will miss out on new features in under 2 years unlike Sonos still supporting their old kit.
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Re: Does this mean AirPlay 2 is out?



I am quite disappointed in how Bose have addressed this issue from it's own customers. As you will recall, 3 weeks ago, you responded directly to my post regarding the (lack of) availability of AirPlay 2 on the Bose Soundtouch range, and your response advised...


"The community will be updated soon as to the status."


Then you reiterate the sentiment in the very next sentence by repeating with two words...


"Very soon."


To find that there is an Soundtouch App update for iOS which does NOT bring AirPlay 2 features to the speakers... AND... NO Commentary from Bose on the progress of AirPlay 2... well... I can only take it as a really arrogant move.   I don't know about you, but a repeated "Very Soon" is reasonably considered just a couple of days - and it has now been 3 weeks since your comment.


Not only is Bose really putting their customers off-side, but Bose is actively encouraging their SoundTouch customers to recommend OTHER speaker systems to their friends and family through this complete lack of open communication...   I know I will NEVER buy another Bose product, and I have also strongly advised friends and family to also not purchase from Bose - I can say that my recommendations have resulted in changing the minds of 3 friends who have proceeded to make Sonos purchases based solely on AirPlay and Apple Music integration.


This is based solely on this ridiculous "secrecy" where Bose won't communicate honestly with their customers...  It has nothing to do with the sound of Bose products...  Good quality sound IS a commodity, and you can get it from a wide range of suppliers...  but Good Service, well, that only comes from companies that listen to their customers - and this is something Bose is yet to learn.


You'll have me as a customer for a little while longer, however, I will never spend one more cent on your products, and once I replace these speakers, I will never purchase another Bose product again.


I am completely aware that you are just towing the line, and regurgitating what Bose HQ is telling you to say to "the customers" - but surely the negative sentiment of all these posts is making it back to the decision makers at Bose - and perhaps they can rethink their strategy for maintaining a healthy and happy customer base.


I am completely aware that this post will fall of deaf ears, and the whole writing of this post is a waste of my time.   Sigh.



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Re: Does this mean AirPlay 2 is out?

I completely agree. I was going to get a Bose product for my birthday and i told frineds and family not to invest in Bose anymore. They just bought a Sonos product and ar every happy with it. I bought Bose as they said they will keep on adidng music services, and as of now in canada there isnt even 25% of the services offered by Sonos. Airplay got moved from 2018, to sometime 2019. There is no timeline for Bose as it seems they can treat their customers the way they want to. They just want people to buy new products. 


Re: Does this mean AirPlay 2 is out?

Hello Dave,


We understand your frustration that Airplay 2 has not yet made available for Soundtouch, and can understand why you might feel like this won't be coming.


We would like to assure you that this isn't the end of Soundtouch and that Airplay 2 is still coming.


We will post any updates regarding this to the main page of the forums when more information is available.


@cheplaya Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to the community. Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your experience with us. Customer feedback both positive and negative is very important to our company and we will ensure that your comments are passed onto the relevant channels


Have a nice day!


kind regards,

Prince_O- Community moderator