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Feb 27, 2018

Re: SoundTouch and Google Assistant Integartion

@Jessie_O, thanks. But it is so unacceptable that Bose won't even announce what they're plans are or aren't to their user base. Not even an explanation, like it's a contractual issue, or we are lacking development resources, or we are planning to discontinue SoundTouch, or we are going out of business lol, anything. So ridiculous. After multiple threads and years of queries, Bose continues to leave your loyal users in the dark. It's utterly inexplicable, and deplorable.


Anyway, I do use a Google Chromecast Audio connected to the Aux jack on my SoundTouch and control it through my Google Home Mini. Kind of goofy, can't take advantage of ANY of the features of the SoundTouch like the CD player, radio, presets, on/off, mute, anything. I'm only using the Bose as a speaker, so I am losing all the extra capabilities of the Bose unit. It's not a configuration I would go out and buy; I'm only doing it because I already had the Bose unit in the house. It's a temporary solution until I replace my Bose, certainly with something manufactured by a company that is more responsive to its user base.

Thank you.

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Nov 24, 2019

RE: SoundTouch and Google Assistant Integartion

From theatre speakers to headphones (which Google  assistance works mind you). All the way through to soundtouch range 300,  10, 20 and 30 throughout house.


Been there, invested in bose. Great advertising and fantastic past products is what kept us coming back. But now 2019 am creating a smart home and bose doesn't seem to be part of it.


Yes you have alexia, but I didnt purchase an Amazon product when purchasing bose. 


Please don't bother replying with the same old generic message and the same answers. Just pass on the feedback and remember Europe may not be there yet but if bose continue with 0 semi realistic solutions. No advertising or sound quality will sell their products.