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Sep 15, 2020

How to convert Spotify to MP3?

I'm using Spotify Connect to play tunes on SoundTouch, but recently the connection starts to get interrupted more frequently. I've checked my internet and it works just fine. And I've also tried other solutions but of no avail. So I'm now trying to convert Spotify to MP3 and cast the songs with Bluetooth. Any ideas?


Re: How to convert Spotify to MP3?

Hey Vincent,


I'm sorry to hear you're encountering some connection issues when streaming through Spotify Connect. What Bose system do you have and how far do you have it placed from your WiFi router? I see you mention your internet is fine, have you tried to reboot your router by disconnecting it from power for two minutes?


Also, if you have a mobile/pc with Bluetooth compatibility, you should be able to Bluetooth stream your Spotify music to your speaker. Are you having issues doing this, and if so, what device are you looking to connect to the speaker via Bluetooth?

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