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Aug 24, 2019

Humming sound In SoundTouch 300


i have recently bought SoundTouch 300. It works fine if I use optical connection from my cable box. However, I would like to hear analog audio from my tv and the only way is to get an analog to digital converter. I did that and connected that. Audio can play from the speakers but there is a strong humming sound which also comes. 

The converter input is Stereo R/L and the converter gives uncompressed 2-channel LPCM Digital audio signal output. 

sampling rate  48khz. 


Could someone help?

thank you. 


Re: Humming sound In SoundTouch 300

Hello ShankerAmit,


Welcome to the community, I would love to do what I can to assist you with this matter and I apologise that you're experiencing some humming from your setup. 


So that I can assist you further, can you please provide us with some further information regarding your setup. 


- What TV you're connected to

- How you have your external devices connected to your Soundbar 300 and TV

- Does the buzzing only occur when connected to the converter?

- What converter are you using?


I look forward to hearing from you. 


Tegan M- Community Support