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May 17, 2020

Manual update of soundbar 700 WITHOUT REMOTE

I have a Soundbar 700 that I am becoming increasingly frustrated with.  I recently moved, and when hooking up my system, nothing works.  Soundbar comes on but does not connect to app, and the remote control is like a brick.  No lights, not nothing.  I've changed the batteries several times.


I am trying to do a manual update using a USB cable.

1. The manual update directions weblink doesn't connect (

2.  And, depsite being a "manual" update, I need to use my remote, which currently shows no signs of life.


What should I do? 

Order a new remote?


Currently I have a very expensive paperweight, and reading through the forums many others have issues too.


Please help!


1.  Remote not working

2.  Bose music app not connecting (tried many times, even made a new account!)

3.  Due to above cannot use or update firmware on soundbar

4.  Weblink in manual update not working


I bought the system in Singapore, and I am in Houston USA now.





Re: Manual update of soundbar 700 WITHOUT REMOTE

Hi dm004i,


Welcome and congrats on your move! I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble setting up your soundbar after reaching your new place and I would be happy to help!


As you have recently moved, the reason your soundbar will not be communicating with the app, is that it won't be connected to your new Wi-Fi network yet. You will need to get this reconnected to get back to using the app, but it will need the remote to do this.


If your remote is not showing any lights at all, even after changing the batteries, then it does sound like the remote needs replacing. I would recommend reaching out to your local support team to do this rather than purchasing a new one as it may still be covered by your warranty. For the US, you can reach them with the contact details HERE


Once you have your new remote, you will be able to get this working again. If you need a hand pairing it when it arrives, then you can check out this guide HERE.


Let me know how you get on!

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