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Feb 16, 2018

May have fix for ST300 audio dropout

I was having the audio dropout problem for a few months and yesterday I decided to try and find a solution. I tried the optical cable first since I had the system connected by arc to vizio tv. Running optical cable from TV to ST300 did not fix the problem. Still had audio drops between 6 and 10 minutes consistently. Then I tried to plug my Nvidia Shield into the hdmi in on the ST300, but at the same time I also unplugged the ethernet cable waited about a minute and reconnected it. After doing both I have not had a single audio dropout. I still have some things connected by arc and only the Nvidia Shield is connected by direct hdmi. Since I'm not getting audio dropout from any source now, I am not sure what fixed it. It could be having something plugged in directly to the ST300 is the fix. Or it could be some issue with the ethernet connection. But anyone having this issue should definitely try these options for a solution. Even though the ST300 was connected to the network using ethernet cable, I almost think that the system was still trying to connect by wifi and it would attempt this connection every 6 to 10 minutes and that would cause the dropout on audio. Now that I reconnected the ethernet and ran the reconnection to network using that option in the app maybe it stopped trying to connect by wifi. I am not for sure, but just happy that it's working correctly again.