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Jan 26, 2020

New PC Soundtouch app greys out iTunes and Windows Media choices...

New Windows10 PC. Copied over iTunes music into a folder in the exact named path as the old iTunes install. But did I did not reinstall iTunes app as it's no longer relevant (streaming is king now).


Then I installed the Bose Soundtouch app. Amazon and internet radio play fine. But not my music on my local drive...


So all the music is there to be found. But, the app greys out both Windows Media  and iTunes choices. How do I get the app to find the files on the local drive? This should be a simple path function we can select. But it seems you've hard coded the options to find the path. Why? Was it a licensing deal with Apple? This effectively kills off the Bose for playing from my PC. Only Amazon or internet radio is an option now. If the option for the iTunes path is now dead, how do I get it to see the music?




Re: New PC Soundtouch app greys out iTunes and Windows Media choices...

Hi wmalan,


Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear you are unable to add your music library and I would be happy to help with this.


The first thing I would like to mention for this, is that when using the iTunes library option on the SoundTouch app, it does need an installed version of the iTunes app to work. If you have not installed this on your new computer, you would not be able to add the music as an iTunes library to the SoundTouch app. 


If you would like to use an iTunes library to add music to the SoundTouch app, you can download the latest version of iTunes for windows HERE.


If you would prefer to use Windows Media Player as the source for your music library, in the SoundTouch app, you will need to create a library file with the Windows Media Player app on your computer. This file will be what SoundTouch references when you access your music library on your speakers. 


This library information will be generated automatically when you use Windows Media Player on your computer. Depending on where the files are stored on your computer, you may need to point Windows Media Player to the correct folders so it is able to find your music.


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.


Kind Regards,


Keith L - Community Support

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