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Sep 19, 2014

Pandora Station ‘Modes’

Are there any plans to integrate the ‘Station Modes’ functionality from Pandora natively into the SoundTouch app? Ex: Genre stations have ‘Modes’ users can now choose from: New Releases, Crowd Favorites, etc. ... Sonos recently added this functionality to their app, so I thought I’d ask. 🙃

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Re: Pandora Station ‘Modes’

Hi T0MWH0,


We currently don't have any information to share on any potential upcoming updates to the SoundTouch app, but I would be happy to pass your feedback on this feature along! I couldn't say for certain whether Pandora's modes are something that could be added to the SoundTouch app, but I'll make sure the development team knows this is something you would be interested in.


If you have any other features you would like to see added as well, please let us know as we always love to hear your feedback!

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