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Nov 12, 2015

Reintroducing Speakers Back From Bose Refurbishing and Updating.

Some people are reporting problems getting their speakers, freshly updated with Airplay 2, to work with the rest of their SoundTouch speakers. What I found happened was quite simple. When I added the refurbished speakers I couldn’t add them using my existing speaker profiles.


So what I did was deleted the old speaker profiles, just the ones that went to Bose, signed out of my Bose account, logged back in and then installed the refurbished speakers with new profiles. Same location name etc. Once completed everything worked very well.


I can now join my ST30’s, ST10, my Cinemate 130(via Samsung TV) and even my single Bose Home Speaker 300. Pretty nice!


In short, the refurbished speakers should be considered different than the speakers they are replacing before refurbishment and should be treated like brand new speaker’s first time install.