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Jul 15, 2018

SA-5 constantly dropping connection

Super frustrated. SA- 5 is within 10' of router and it constantly gets lost requiring a rebooting of the router, logging out and in to my account, sometimes turning off phone, iPad and Mac to reset with no guaranteed results. Occasionally while playing, it drops the connection and thats it for a while. Never had these problems with two SA-4's. No clue how to solve and have tried a number of things. 

Oh, and when it says to reconnect the speaker that it cant find, it's in the attic requiring a ladder to cycle or connect to it. 

Has anyone found a fix for this issue as it appears to be constantly happening to many owners. Love Bose but this is testing the relationship after the thousands of dollars spent on the brand.

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Sep 28, 2017

Re: SA-5 constantly dropping connection

Same stuff exactly, and with the new firmware 24... no airplay 2... 😞