Re: Send music to SoundTouch Wireless Adapter through WiFi

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The SoundTouch Wireless Adapter can accept audio from supported streaming services via Wi-Fi. You can find the supported services here


If you would like to play audio from your PC such as a YouTube video to the SoundTouch Wireless link Adapter, you will have to use either a Bluetooth or auxiliary connection. This cannot be done wirelessly via Bluetooth due to your computer not having this. You will need to connect via an aux cable as there is no wireless solution for your setup.


Let me know if you have any questions. 


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Re: Send music to SoundTouch Wireless Adapter through WiFi

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If you want to play the sound from You tube on your computer, you need to connect the speaker output from your PC to the Aux imput from the wireless link adapter.  Use the soundtouch app on your PC and choose the WLA with souce Aux and every sound your computer produces will be played. Remember there will be a delay in sound and picture. Playing audio files from your computer use the app and add source from media library.



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