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Dec 4, 2017

Sound touch 300 source selection


I recently updated my sound touch and since then when I turn on the TV ,the soundtouch automatically selects the soundtouch source rather than the TV source . It was all working fine before the update . Normally when I switch on the tv the soundtouch selects the tv source automatically . Now I need to select the source on the bose remote. 


I have tried resetting the soundbar a few times with no avail. I have a HDMI ARC connection to the soundbar. I have paired the remote again with the tv 

Would be grateful for any advice as it is getting a bit annoying 




Re: Sound touch 300 source selection

Hey @Gopidoc,


That does sound quite unusual! Would you be able to let me know what TV you have the soundbar connected to?


From what it seems, the soundbar may need an HDMI reset, as the TV is no longer recognizing the soundbar as a connected device automatically. Would you be able to try the following:


1) Unplug the TV and soundbar from power. Remove the plugs directly from the strip rather than unplugging the strip from the wall (if a power strip is used). Keep all HDMI cables plugged in.

2) After leaving both units for two minutes, plug your Soundbar in. Keep the TV unplugged.

3) When the white light on the soundbar has appeared, press the TV screen button on the soundbar remote. 

4) Plug the TV back into power and test for audio.


Let me know if that helps you at all.

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