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Nov 12, 2019

SoundSport Free Left "Not Connected"

What a peculiar thing. Just bought a brand new pair of SoundSport Free from Best Buy. Using them with my iPhone, the left earbud kept disconnecting and reconnecting. I checked the Bose Connect app, and noticed, in the Product Info section, the left earbud shows as "Not Connected," while the right is fine with its serial number displayed.

But, the strangest thing happened when I connected them to my LG G8 phone. It runs Android, which, in my experience, hasn't been the best with Bluetooth earbuds. However, both earbuds are connected perfectly, and the left even shows up in the product info, with its serial number and manufacturing date. Strange...

Before I tried them with my G8, I got in touch with Bose Customer Support and they sent me a prepaid shipping label so I can send them back for a replacement. But, knowing they seem to be working just fine, could it be an iOS issue? How are they working with y'all's iPhones? I have an iPhone 11 running iOS 13.2. Currently downloading the new iOS 13.2.2 to see if this might help in any way.

Thoughts? Of course, a free replacement is a free replacement, so I will take advantage of that.