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Feb 17, 2020

SoundTouch 10 stereo pair stops playing music

Description: When a stereo pair is created with SoundTouch 10 speakers, music stops playing (Spotify)

Previous troubleshooting:

• Tested individual speakers––no issues

• Software is always up to date

• Tested with several devices (iPhone, Android, Mac, PC)

• There's no interfering devices (microwaves, fridges, etc)

• Speakers are near internet router

• Tested and reset network connections several times

• Tested and re-added speakers to the app several times

• Turned on/off speakers several times

• Removed and re-created stereo pair several times

• Speakers still play the default SoundTouch pairing melody and blink white, but will not play other sounds

• Functionality is ONLY restored by unplugging and reconnecting to power

• Issue persists after a few hours



Re: SoundTouch 10 stereo pair stops playing music

Hello mlopez48,


Welcome to the Bose Community! I am sorry that you're here seeking a resolution to your connectivity problem with your SoundTouch 10 speakers, but I will be more than happy to assist with finding a resolution. 


I really appreciate the in-depth details that you have provided from the troubleshooting you have already performed. One thing that would really help determine where the issue lies, would be to test the speakers in a stereo pair whilst playing another source such as TuneIn. If the issue is replicated, it would seem that the issue would be down to your network and we can look into some recommend router settings to see if we can stabilize this. If the issue is not, then we can explore routes specific to Spotify streaming problems.


I look forward to hearing back from you with the results of this testing. 


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