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Sep 19, 2014

SoundTouch 10s AirPlay 2 Audio Cuts Out (A Lot)

Hi all,


Ever since AirPlay 2 was released for SoundTouch, I’ve noticed that on both of my SoundTouch 10 speakers, AirPlay 2 audio cuts-out...like a lot, and really bad. It’s a very “choppy” sounding cut-out, too, not a fade-in/fade-out, and it occurs randomly at any point during the audio streaming. ... Note: The ST10s are not in a stereo pair; they’re used independently in different areas of the house.


This issue occurs when streaming AirPlay 2 to these speakers from any of my Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, and HomePod. It does not happen on any of my other ST speakers, just my two ST10s. If the ST10s are grouped via AirPlay with other ST speakers, the choppy cut-outs still occur, but only on the ST10s, not the other linked ST speakers. These ST10s, by the way, were purchased a couple years apart, so it’s not like it could be a single bad batch of wireless cards from the factory or something.


To troubleshoot, so far I’ve tried the following, but it doesn’t seem to have helped:

- Moved the ST10s around the house to see if was interference.

- Forced firmware updates again on both ST10s.

- Rebooted WiFi router.


Any help or insights would be appreciated! 


Re: SoundTouch 10s AirPlay 2 Audio Cuts Out (A Lot)

Hi T0MWH0,


It's interesting that only the SoundTouch 10s are experiencing these cut-outs over Airplay. Does this happen when playing to each speaker via Airplay individually, or does it only happen when playing to multiple speakers at the same time?


As it is just the 10s that are having issues when playing via Airplay, I would recommend checking they are both fully up to date by following the steps shown HERE.


I look forward to hearing how you get on!

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