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Oct 11, 2016

SoundTouch 130 - ERROR cant find speaker



My SoundTouch system is no longer able to find the soundbar. The wireless soundlink adapter is also not displaying any light under the WiFi symbol as it usually does. I have reset the system, unplugged and plugged back in multiple times. Please help!



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Apr 10, 2017

Re: SoundTouch 130 - ERROR cant find speaker

I know that sometimes the easiest of solutions may solve the problem. I assume this is not your issue; however, it may not hurt to check that the little round 9-Pin connectors are plugged into their proper slots. If I remember correctly, both the SoundBar cable and the SoundTouch adapter use the same type of male 9-Pin connector. Thus, it is easy to inadvertently switch the two and plug the, into the wrong spots.  For what it is worth - if anything!  Best of luck to you.